“The world is a dangerous place to live in; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
(Albert Einstein – refugee from Nazi Germany)

Monday, April 23, 2012

Anonymous's attack against Hungarian neo-Nazi websites

20/04/2011 Hungary

A coordinated attack was launched by Hungarian members of the hacker group Anonymous(1) against the illegal neo-Nazi websites including the illegal neo-Nazi Hungarian parliamentary party's website, Jobbik.

For a while these site was blocked. The site of Jobbik, and the prominent members of it, namely of chairman Gábor Vona, EU parliament member Krisztina Morvai, the PM Tamás Gaudi Nagy, and the Hungarian Guard (Magyar Gárda) were not available.(2-6)

Hungarian Anonymous called the action Fuck the Nazi. Their announcement can be read in English too.(7) 
They scheduled the action for this day because of Hitler's birthday.

Neo-Nazis's answer came of usual Nazi style on of the meida-site of Jobbik, Barikád.hu(8), and they have formed a counter-Facebook page: Anti Anonymous Operation Hungary(9)

The counter-attack was performed soon by neo-Nazis. The Jewish online medium, judapest.com is hacked and it's content can be modified by neo-Nazis. This moment it is a free prey.(10)

It is not justified whether the anti-Nazi attack was performed by real Anonymous group. The most rude and dirty Hungarian neo-Nazi site(11) allegedly has found the originator of the anti-Nazi action and they publicized his personal data on their site violating the law. They say he is a liberal, maybe a Jewish, of course.
We has not found yet any English news about the action.
(1) Wikipedia: Anonymous (group) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anonymous_%28group%29 (There is no Hungarian version of the article!)
(2) Jobbik.hu http://www.jobbik.hu/ (Hungarian)
(3) Vona Gábor http://vonagabor.hu/ (Hungarian)
(4) Morvai Krisztina http://www.morvaikrisztina.hu/ (Hungarian)
(5) Gaudi Nagy Tamás http://www.gaudi.jobbik.hu/ (Hungarian)
(6) Magyar Gárda http://magyargarda.hu/ (Hungarian)
(7) Anonymous Operation Hungary https://www.facebook.com/OpHunAnon/info
"We are Anonymous. We are an Idea. We are whistle-blowers. We want truth, justice, equality and freedom of speech. We are against censorship, corporate greed and corruption. We want change! The current system is unjust, inhumane and leads us to doomsday. We have no leaders, we have no orders, we have no bombs. We are many. We are legion. We do not forget. We do not forgive. Expect Us! Join us and be part of a glorious revolution!"
      Their calling up on a video clip in Hungarian: http://youtu.be/I5aPWlUzPdo
(8) (Hungarian) Jobbik.hu: Jó munkát, cenzorok! - A Barikád válasza az Anonymousnak: http://jobbik.hu/rovatok/orsz%C3%A1gos_h%C3%ADrek/j%C3%B3_munk%C3%A1t_cenzorok_-_a_barik%C3%A1d_v%C3%A1lasza_az_anonymousnak
(9)  (Hungarian) Anti Anonymous Operation Hungary, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Anti-Anonymous-Operation-Hungary/390654697634731?sk=info
(10) The interesting thing that the judapest.org is registered in Germany:

(11) (Hungarian) http://kuruc.info/r/6/95126/   This Hungarian neo-Nazis site is hosted on US servers. USA is responsible for it because she signed the Paris peace treaty in1947 that says: fascist type organization is prohibited in Hungary: Paris Peace Treaty 1947
(12) Bunch of the news - mainly in Hungarian - about the topic can be found in our link collection: http://www.delicious.com/stacks/view/CaJ1iF

We were a little surprised by the fact that there are antifascists among Hungarian members of Anonymous. We were convinced that they are all neo-Nazis.

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