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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Background of the Ákos Kertész affair

If an English-speaking reader wants to understand precisely the Ákos Kertész affair we strongly recommend her/him reading the related article(1) in Eva S. Balogh's blog: Writer Ákos Kertész, 80, is seeking political asylum in Canada. This article contains the exact translation and explanation of Ákos Kertész's sentences and other circumstances.

Some quotations from the article:
What did Ákos Kertész do that upset the Hungarian right so much? He wrote an open letter to László Bartus, editor-in-chief of American-Hungarian Népszava, the oldest Hungarian-language paper in the United States, in which he bitterly complained about Hungarians who are "genetically servile" and who therefore allow the dictatorial Viktor Orbán to rule over them. He said a few harsh things, no doubt about it. He compared his fellow Hungarians to pigs who for the slop the farmer puts in front of them happily grunt, not realizing that they will be killed.

It was the word "genetically" that caused consternation even in liberal circles because it looked as if Kertész was a racist. However, I read an article...

(1) http://esbalogh.typepad.com/hungarianspectrum/2012/03/writer-%C3%A1kos-kert%C3%A9sz-80-is-seeking-political-asylum-in-canada

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