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(Albert Einstein – refugee from Nazi Germany)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Hungary, Budapest: Seder Stoned

March 30, Tuesday, 2010, around 11pm

Chabad rabbi’s house by Great Synagogue attacked repeatedly

The home of a Chabad rabbi in Budapest was bombarded with rocks on Tuesday night as a number of people gathered there for the second Pesach seder.

The police was already on the spot, but another projectile slammed into the window. "The final incident was something stronger than just a rock being thrown," El-Bar said. "It seemed to come from some sort of primitive weapon, like a slingshot."(1)

While leaving the guests  the police officers told them not to put on their kipa becouse it wouldn't safe.(2)

The police-office initiated proceedings on suspicion of damage, against an unknown perpetrator. (3)
Sources, notes:
(1) Eran El-Bar, a Jewish Agency representative in Hungary who was present at the seder meal
(2) The past returned: the Hungarian authorities cannot (or doesn't want to) protect Hungarian citizens endangered by farrights if they want to show their belief, their identity openly. From the history we know where this initial attitude leads.
(3) If fhe police-office doesn't find the fitting criminal code then it is inadequate in its skills or it doesn't want to find it.

The police handles the cause as a property damage:
Section 324
(1) The person who causes damage by the destruction or deterioration of an alien property item, commits
(2) The punishment shall be for a misdemeanour imprisonment of up to one year, labour in the public interest, or
fine, if
a) the deterioration causes a smaller damage,
b) the deterioration not exceeding the value limit of a minor offence is committed as part of a criminal conspiracy.
Some of us think it was offence against the next sections:
Section 174/A
The person who
a) restricts another person in his freedom of conscience with violence or menace,
b) who impedes him in the free exercise of his religion with violence or menace,
commits a felony, and shall be punishable with imprisonment of up to three years.
Violence Against a Member of a National, Ethnic, Racial or Religious Group
Section 174/B
(1) The person who assaults somebody else because he belongs or is believed to belong to a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, or coerces him with violence or menace into doing or not doing or into enduring something, commits a felony and shall be punishable with imprisonment up to five years.
(2) The punishment shall be imprisonment from two years to eight years, if the act of crime is committed
a) by force of arms,
b) in an armed manner,
c) causing a considerable injury of interest,
d) with the torment of the injured party,
e) in groups,
f) in criminal conspiracy.

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